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See Aruba Like a Local

Party Bus
Baby Bridge Aruba
California Lighthouse
Divi Divi Tree Eagle Beach
San Nicolas street art

Private Island Tours by Jeep or open Bus

A comfortable ride on Aruba’s roads in our comfortable  bus…..or an adventurous day on-road and off-road in our 4X4 Jeep.!!

Starting the tour with our unique Aloe-fabrication and fields….Rensley will show you first hand how to grow, harvest , extract and produce the final Aloe-product, which you may see in their small factory outlet.  Unique by itsself, as it is the only producing island fabrication!

 You will visit the unique rock formations of Casibari and Ayo.  Your personal guide will climb with you on top of Casibari to show you his Aruba in a 360-degree panoramic view.  At Ayo, we will point to you the pre-Columbian Arawak-Indian paintings.

On the way to the site of the Natural Bridge and the Baby Bridge at Wariruri you will pass the ancient goldmill ruins of Bushiribana… always worth a good picture!

Alongside the rough coast of the northern part of Aruba you will feel the power of the ocean breaking ashore. Swimming at the tempting blue bays is not recommended!

And on you go to the next landmark:   The California Lighthouse on the northwestern tip of the island. Since its accurate restoration to its original version of 1910,  it may be visited. After 130 steps you reach the top overlooking all Aruba! From up here you have a good view of Aruba’s unusual and protected sand dunes, the coastline with its powder white beaches fringed with our hotels, the world-famous windsurfing section, the Fisherman’s Hut and the residential area of Malmok.

Below you also stretches our  18-hole golf course, Tierra del Sol. Its greens neighbor the rough grey stony area of the northwest coast you toured before.

On our way back, we may stop at our famous Icon – the Divi-Divi tree at Eagle Beach for a souvenir photo! If you like, you may spend the afternoon here – beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rent.

This is our Bus-tour!!!Duration: approx. 4 hours, we pick you up from the hotel at 9:00am
Price:  Bus tours starting at 5 persons, max. 16 persons, $50 USD per person.

and now.....we go off-roading with theJeep!!

Adventurous driving on unpaved sand roads along the rugged coastline and through the arid vegetation of gigantic Cacti and bushes  to see more highlights. The mysterious Wish Garden, Black Stone Beach and the Twin Bridge,  Boca Grandi and the bay of Andicuri, tempting you to swim. You drive through Aruba’s National Park, Arikok, and visit the stunning two-chamber caves of Guadirikiri with their protected bat population. You want to see the nibbling fish pond in our hidden oasis in the middle of Arikok? At the entrance you may pay a visit to the Arikok Visitor Center depicting species of Aruba’s wildlife and flora in the park.

And of course we will show you the famous street art paintings in San Nicolas, before you dip into the crystal clear and turquoise blue waters of stunning Baby Beach for a swim! By that time you have seen our protected Mangrove-shores at Mangel Alto and the small village of Savaneta.

And, if you get hungry, your guide will always find you a great local place to discover!

Duration of full tour:  7-8 hours
Price: $ 500, full day, max. 4 persons in jeep,
entrance fee to Arikok National Park included.

We always have on board for you: cold bottled water, snorkeling gear, island maps.